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Help Documentation

Documentation is available at any time from within Direct Mail by choosing "Direct Mail Help" from the Help menu. Online documentation is available below.


Getting Started

The Basics: what you need to know to get started with Direct Mail.

Creating Messages

How to create messages that look good in all email programs, adhere to proper mailing list practices, and don't get caught in spam traps.

Creating and Managing Address Groups

How to add new people to your mailing list, use a web page to let people subscribe to your list, or connect Direct Mail to Daylite.

Sending Messages

How Direct Mail sends email, scheduling deliveries, and using e3 Delivery Service to make sending email quick and painless.

Tracking Mailing Statistics and History

Learn what information Direct Mail can report back about your email campaigns and what it means.

Common Problems with Email Layout

What to do if your emails don't look right in your recipient's email program (missing images, missing styles, strange layout, etc.)

Common Problems with Sending and Receiving

What to do if you can't connect to your mail server, Direct Mail doesn't send to all your addresses, or if your emails never seems to reach their destination.

Purchasing and Registering Direct Mail

How to unlock your copy of Direct Mail.


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